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Parts Identification Guide

This page provides a parts checklist for every Robotech Robolinks release. These parts are a equivalent across their international releases, except for the bonus parts included in Robotech Robolinks Force 1X (small gun) and Force 2X (armour parts and weapons) not being included with their original Japanese equivalents (see the Robotech Robolinks Force 1X and Force 2X pages for further clarification on this).


The Japanese giftsets include all of the parts originally included with their component releases. The guide is currently missing parts lists for the Japanese-exclusive G series and French B System.

Correspondence Table
Weapon Guide for A Series / Force 1X & Force 2X / A System
Force 10 Contents (drawn from Force 20 checklist; the space boots are in a pair)
Force 11 Contents (drawn from Force 21 checklist)
Force 12 Contents (drawn from Force 22 checklist with small gun error corrected)
Force 20 / A1 Contents (the space boots and jet wings are both in a pairs)
Force 21 / A3 Contents
Force 22 / A2 Contents (small gun error corrected)
Force 30 / C-01 / C1 Contents
Force 31 / C-02 / C3 Contents
Force 32 / C-03 / C2 Contents (note that three landing gear are missing from box rear but were part of set as per the sprue shown on the Robotech Changers C2 box rear)
Force 40 / C-11 / D1 Contents
Force 41 / C-12 / D3 Contents
Force 42 / C-13 / D2 Contents
Force 50 Contents
Force 51 Contents
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