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Force 3X


Force 3X consists of three five-Blockman robot sets that correspond to the Japanese C-0X releases: Force 30 for C-01, Force 31 for C-02, and Force 32 for C-03. Each set included an instruction booklet, as well as a sticker sheet that was identical to the Japanese release (complete with C-0X-coded stickers for the cockpits). Force 3X was identical to the original 1984 Japanese C-0X sets. The chrome pilots were moulded from black plastic underneath the chrome finish.


IMPORTANT: MISSING PARTS!!! As with C-03, the checklist provided with Force 32 is incomplete. Although they are not shown, Force 32 also came with three black wheel brackets with three black wheels to press into them. These were included on the same sprue as the other black parts, which was identical to the black-part sprue included with Force 30 (the landing gear pieces are in the bottom-right corner).

No giftset collecting the Force 3X sets was released in the Robotech Robolinks line, and the Force 3X combination ideas on the back of the boxes do not include the super-robot mode emphasised by the C-0X giftset in Japan.

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