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Force 2X


Force 2X consists of three single-Blockman robot sets that correspond to the Japanese A-1X releases: Force 20 for A-11, Force 21 for A-12, and Force 22 for A-13. *** BONUS ACCESSORY ALERT!!! *** Force 2X actually include bonus accessories not included with the original Japanese releases however: Force 20 included all of the armour upgrade accessories and guns from  A-01, Force 21 included all of the armour upgrade accessories and guns from  A-02, and Force 22 included all of the armour upgrade accessories and guns from  A-03. Each Force 2X release was packaged with an instruction manual.


Because they include bonus parts, whereas the Force 1X sets were described in the Revell ’85 sales catalogue as “(Robot Only)”, Force 2X were described as “(Combo)”. It’s unclear why the additional parts were included with Force 2X, but it was likely an attempt on Revell’s part to push up the price point without including an additional Blockman robot (which would cost more to manufacture due to the metal torso plate and limb-pins).

As with Force 1X, each Force 2X set included a multi-coloured Blockman robot, drawn from a semi-random pool of alternatives. Each Force 2X set also came in two different accessory colour alternatives: (i) grey armour upgrade accessories with red vehicle transformation parts; or (ii) blue armour upgrade accessories with grey vehicle transformation parts. As with Force 1X, the colour of the parts was not systematically associated with the colour of the Blockman robot.


Each Force 2X set included a hinged cockpit windscreen. The windscreen itself was made from translucent blue plastic. A difference between Force 2X and the Japanese A-1X releases is that the hinge on the Force 2X sets always matches the colour of the other vehicle transformation parts (i.e., red or grey), which isn’t always the case in Japan. Funnily enough, the stock photographs from the Revell ’85 sales catalogue show the Force 2X sets with a differently coloured cockpit, in line with the original Japanese releases.


INCORRECT PART ALERT!!!: The parts checklist on the back of the Force 22 box shows an incorrect gun. The small gun pictured next to the large gun at the bottom of the parts photograph was not packaged with Force 22 (it’s actually from Force 21 / Force 11). Check out the parts identification page for help with this issue.


The Blockman robot stock photographs on the back of the Force 21 and Force 22 boxes show the same guns as the Force 11 and Force 12 stock photographs; that is to say, they show the A-0X guns but not the A-1X guns. Strangely, the Force 20 Blockman robot has had its A-1X gun added, possibly because it is the only one of the A-1X guns with a peg sized for the 5mm shoulder-hole rather than the hand-hole.

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