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C Series Booklet Translation

One of the coolest pieces of Blockman documentation is also one of the easiest to find: the C Series catalogue booklet. This booklet was included with each Combination Warrior Blockman C Series release: C-01, C-02, C-03, C-11, C-12, and C-13.


The booklet acts as a cross-sell promoting all of the C Series Combination Warrior Blockman products that were available, and is also the source of public knowledge about the unreleased Combination Warrior Blockman series concepts: Basic, Drive, Electric, and Fortress (Armed was of course released as A Series we all know and love).

Below you can find translations of every page of the C Series booklet, including the front and back covers. Being currently unable to read Japanese, Blockman Link owes a heartfelt and well-deserved thank-you to contributor Brian Blackwell for translating these pages - if not for Brian, these translations may have taken years for me to put together! Enjoy the Blockman story! Larger images of the C Series booklet art can be found on the C Series Booklet Art page, and if you would like to access larger scans, head over to the Blockman Link Facebook group.

Front Cover:

Combination Warrior Blockman

Page 1:

Traveling to the furthest reaches of space...

What is Blockman?
Blockman is a state of the art construction droid with special combination powers. They are a great help in mankind’s efforts to colonize space.

Page 2:

Blockman Story

Caption 1: Blockman Factory
Caption 2: Spaceship blasting off at warp speed

The year 2135 AD was christened as the first year of Space History. Human beings had finished development of the solar system, and the Interplanetary Offices of the Department of Space devised the “Planetary Migration Directive.” Thus, mankind took to the stars in search of a new Earth.

Their ambitious plan was to build a 2nd and 3rd human colony, in orbit of a new Planet Earth. Their first destination was “Rebase System AronStar.”

In time, humans settled the system using a group of terraforming droids called “Blockman,” and so construction of this frontier settlement began.

But Blockmen are not just robots for manual labor, multiple robots can combine as necessary to create different machines. If needed, they can even combine to form a great robot to protect human colonists from danger.

Thus, mankind will build a new world with Blockman.

Page 3:

Blockman is an Super Robot with his own will and great strength. He is an improvement over the W.R.-type droid, which was developed for labor and construction. Added to Blockman is a combination power, and improved adaptability. Blockman can convert to a driving vehicle, a jet, and a giant robot according to what is needed, while continuing to demonstrate high performance.

O.D.S Officers (Officers of the Office of the Department of Space agency)
Specialists devoted to the difficult mission of space colonization. They give Blockman his orders, and perform support work.

Blockman CD-1

Official Designation: CD-1-R Type
High Mobility Light Class.
When combined with other Blockman units, CD-1-R becomes a control circuit.

Height: 340cm [about 11 ft 2 inches]
Weight: 2.5t [about 2.756 us tons, or 5512lbs]
Output (input/output operations per second): 20 points/second
Maximum flight speed: Mach 1.5 (in the atmosphere) Mach 2.5 (outside the atmosphere)
Land Speed: 112 km/h [about 70mph] for a maximum of one hour)

Blockman CD-2

Official Designation: CD-2-H Type

High Performance, Heavy Class. 
When combined with other Blockman units, CD-2-H becomes a power boost circuit.

Height: 340cm [about 11 ft 2 inches]
Weight: 3.5t [about 3.858 us tons, or 7716lbs]
Output (input/output operations per second): 23 points/second
Maximum flight speed: Mach 1.3 (in the atmosphere) Mach 2.3 (outside the atmosphere)
Land Speed: 98 km/h [about 61mph] for a maximum of one hour)

Page 4:



Blockman CD-1-R (Combination Droid 1 - LIGHT Type)

Blockman CD-2-H (Combination Droid 2 - HEAVY Type)

* Laser Targeting
*Positron Brain
*Access Computer
*Connection Point
* Energy Cartridge

*Connection Point
*Main Camera
*Connection Point
*Main Engine
*Laser System
*Connection Point
*Shock Absorbers

*Laser Targeting
*Positron Brain
*Access Computer
*Connection Point
* Energy Cartridge

Page 5:



Mach Fighter
Blue Fighter

Caption: There’s no telling what dangers await on this alien world. Even with Blockmen conducting recon, there is safety in numbers.

Page 6:



Twin Driller
Power Driller

Caption: Blockmen are designed to work together at all times. Their powers increase when they combine, becoming stronger through teamwork.

Page 7:


Cosmo shuttle
Ion rocket

Caption: When they reached Area 92, Blockmen who had combined to form a shuttle, separated and moved into position.

Page 8:


Cosmo Fighter 
Sky Loader

Caption: Using Blockmen, construction of the Space Colony progresses steadily.

Page 9:


Driller tank
Tank Dozer

Caption: Blockman has the power to combine and create whatever is needed for the task at hand. He can adapt to any situation that arises.

Page 10:


Land Buggy
Land Vehicle

Caption: “Disaster in Station 37, Areas 12-20! Blockman, engage in emergency relief efforts! Repeat...”

Page 11:

Blockman * Other Possible Combinations.

[top left]
12 Connections
(C-12 + C-13)

[top right]
18 Connections
(C-11 + C-12 + C-13)

[bottom left]
17 Connections 
(C-03 + C-11 + C-12)

[bottom center]
15 Connections 
(C-01 + C-02 + C-03)

[bottom right]
18 Connections
(C-11 + C-12 + C-13)

Page 12:

Blockman has infinite combinations! What will you make?

[top left]
15 Connections 
(C-01 + C-02 + C-03)

[top center]
18 Connections
(C-11 + C-12 + C-13)

[bottom left]
33 Connections
(C-01 + C-02 + C-03 + C-11 + C-12 + C-13)

33 Connections
(C-01 + C-02 + C-03 + C-11 + C-12 + C-13)

Page 13:

Blockman World

Page 14:

[no text]

Back Cover:

Blockman Series

ARMORED —— Armored Parts Series —— A-01 ~A-99

BASIC —— Basic Series —— B-01 ~ B-99

COMBINATION ——— Transforming Combination Series ——— C-01 ~ C-99

DRIVE ——— Drive Engine Series ——— D-01 ~ D-99

ELECTRIC ——— Electric Motor Series ——— E-01 ~ E-99

FORTRESS ——— Base Series ——— F-01 ~ F-99

Translator's Note: The intent is to say "armored" here rather than the "armed" that is rendered in English. The text to the side clarifies it as "reinforced", and this refers to the A series, characterised by armour parts.

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