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If there’s anything I can help with, feel free to get in touch with me via the email address watermarked to all of my Blockman Link images.


Note that I only check the Blockman Link email address sporadically though, so an even better contact method is to follow the Blockman Link Facebook group.


About Me


My name’s James, I’m an Australian collector. I’m massively interested in anything remotely collectible, even if I don’t collect it myself. I guess I just think things are cool!


My main interests are 1980s toylines, and I have a large collection of original Transformers as well as near-complete collections of M.U.S.C.L.E., Monster In My Pocket, and the more recent Battle Beasts homage Beast Saga. I’m also a big fan of Japanese video games and animation. Since the original Transformers became more expensive, I’ve geared down my Transformer collecting, with my niche being vintage merchandise (e.g., wallets, party supplies, soap, toothbrushes, stationery, roller skates, etc.) in its original packaging.


From my first forays on the internet in the early 2000s, I’ve been amazed at the many comprehensive websites out there covering toylines like Transformers, Masters of the Universe, Battle Beasts, and Micronauts. There are even sites like Super Toy Archive that manage to provide in-depth coverage of many different toylines within the one site! The degree of knowledge that people have for these popular culture icons is astounding.


I started collecting Blockman after a successful lowball bid on a boxed and complete C-11 from an Australian Transformer collector in April 2015. After receiving it, I quickly started accumulating Blockman products and collating the odd pieces of information scattered across the internet. I realised two things: (i) the Blockman toyline was awesome (!!!); and (ii) there was no authoritative online resource about it.


It was an ambition of mine to make a website on a topic that nobody else had covered already, so here is Blockman Link! I hope you find it interesting and useful.


If you have anything to contribute or have spotted, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email or through the Blockman Link Facebook group.


Please Sell Me Your Blockman!


I got into collecting Blockman because it was a more achievable collection to complete than first generation Transformers. Even including the three main international releases (excepting Finland and Korea), intentional colour variants, and giftsets, there are only 63 Blockman products, compared to 391 original American-released Transformers! 


However, my Blockman collection is still far from complete...


If you are selling loose Blockman robots or boxed sets from any of the international releases, please get in touch. From a single product to a huge collection, from Japanese releases to gumball machine knock-offs, no Blockman product is too large or too small!


If we can agree on a price then I’ll happily buy them, and at worst I’ll give you some advice for listing them accurately on eBay or Facebook.


Note that if I don’t know you then I’m likely to ask for the sale to be processed via an eBay listing, due to the added security that eBay provides.


































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