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C Series Booklet

One of the coolest pieces of Blockman documentation is also one of the easiest to find: the C Series catalogue booklet. This booklet was included with each Combination Warrior Blockman C Series release: C-01, C-02, C-03, C-11, C-12, and C-13.


The booklet acts as a cross-sell promoting all of the C Series Combination Warrior Blockman products that were available, and is also the source of public knowledge about the unreleased Combination Warrior Blockman series concepts: Basic, Drive, Electric, and Fortress (Armed was of course released as A Series we all know and love).

Below you can find the C Series booklet scanned for your enjoyment. A translation of all of the text contained in the booklet was completed by Blockman Link contributor Brian Blackwell. However, there is so much text that the translation has been placed on a separate page, with the scans made smaller there to fit it all in. You can find it at the C-XX Booklet Translation.

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